Der Köpi-Kletterraum / The Köpi climbing room

(English below) Ein selbstorganisiertes und nicht-kommerzielles Kletterprojekt auf 50qm. Zwischen den 4m hohen Wänden geht es um den Spaß am Kletter-/Bouldersport und solidarisches Miteinander. Wir verstehen uns als queerfreundlich und bieten kein Raum für Mackertum. Für den Erhalt des Projektes freuen wir uns bei Besuch gerne über freiwillige Spenden.

Öffnungszeiten und aktuelle Informationen untenstehend.

A self-organized and non-commercial climbing project on 50qm. Between the 4m high walls it’s about the fun of climping/bouldering and a solidary togetherness. We see ourselves as queer-friendly and offer no room for macho behavior. For the maintenance of the project, we are happy to receive voluntary donation when you visit.

Opening hours and current information below.

Opening Times (no real update but were alive)

As before mentioned, please ask us via the webform for opening times, since we currently don't do regular opening times. Although the room is open several times a week.

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Hey there, ususally we are open tues 19-21 and wed 19-21, but if possible please ask us via the contact form before showing up, since we can't guarantee these times and we don't want to be too many people at once in the room. Thx

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Eviction of Koepi Wagenplatz

all climbing people, please support koepi wagenplatz! please find more up to date information on the respective pages here on the https://koepi137.net home page.

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