Whoever buys Køpi, buys troubles!

Buy KØPI means trouble

Køpi and Wagenplatz have been under threat on numerous occasions  and recently the Wagenplatz received some news that has reminded us just how at risk we are. We are also aware that we are not the only place currently endangered.

The list of evicted projects will continue to grow if we don’t continue to fight back. With the very recent eviction of Syndikat, a space not only vital for our community but a beloved neighborhood fixture for 35 years, the threat looms larger. None of us are safe from the ugly profiteering of landlords backed up by cops and officials as vicious enforcers of their well-oiled machine. These bullies have and will use any means necessary to silence us. We have been witnesses to and victims of robocops beating down and pepper-spraying unarmed protesters with increasing violence.

In the last year alone, these are the projects that have either already been evicted or are still fighting against it:

  • Diesel A
  • Potse
  • Drugstore
  • Sabot Garten
  • Liebig 34
  • Friedel 54
  • Rigaer 94
  • Grossbeerenstrasse 17a
  • Meuterei
  • & many other autonomous places around the world

By attempting to limit our voices, they think they can control our lives and destroy our homes. This is why we must continue to fight together with everything we have. The mistake they make is thinking we are in this fight alone. Every project new and old are an essential part of the city and our communities.
Join us on 12th Septemberfor a demoin solidarity with other projects that are still fighting against eviction and gentrification. Info: https://interkiezionale.noblogs.org/
And we invite you to come on 14th September for a Soli - Breakfaststarting at 10am to potentially protect the Køpi Wagenplatz from unwelcomed visitors.
If you can’t travel, make banners, fliers, actions. Spread the word, organize demos in your town, be creative, make it loud.
We don’t want your yuppie flats, we are happy with our rats!

In Solidarity,
Køpi and Køpi Wagenplatz 133-137